phase 3 - Grow: style for life
Just an Hour, events/travel

Phase 2 - DEVELOP: add to your collection
Done For you shopping with intent 
Phase 1 - Foundation: Establish A Strong Base
closet Edit, capsule create, Shop Your closeT

BrandWhy Style is here to focus your energy and resources during your quest to define cohesive and creative personal style stories that you can feel good about. 

Finding your style through stages

styling Services with a sustainable twist
for Luxury Lovers in DFW & abound

Book your cleanse
Understand how to build a working wardrobe by setting your intention, visually seeing what you already have, analyzing & separating out what continues to have purpose and then reorganizing what you already own to be more functional and visible for your day to day life. Participating in this process gives you emotional and physical space to meet your style goals.

We'll spend up to 2.5 hours together setting the tone for a more workable & enjoyable closet.

In DFW? Add "Recirculation" for anything discarded for $100 for up to 50 items. This includes haul away &/or coordinating the selling, consigning, donation or recycling. 


closet edit

closet edit
create your capsule
Everyone needs key foundation pieces to create a solid bedrock for personal style. It's a fantastic step toward minimalism and a giant leap toward filtering out the noise of the day-to-day dressing struggle.

Identifying then understanding what and how to use the basics are the key to change. But, because your daily routine, body shape, age, seasonal requirements, and likes/dislikes are unique, the pieces that make up this crucial base need to be personalized to ultimately be effective.

We spend an hour in your closet identifying your current foundational pieces, then work toward substituting or adding anything that can further your style goals. Finally, you'll receive shoppable links with options to purchase items to round out your capsule wardrobe + have the ability to refer back to everything via your Digital Closet.


wardrobe essentials

capsule creation
closet shop Now

It’s time to look at your closet in a whole new light! This sustainable approach uses what you own and teaches you to see the potential in what you already have sitting in your wardrobe. We spend 1.5 hours shopping your closet creating various different looks along the way. The whole experience will be photographed and then posted to your personal online Digital Closet.

Any gaps identified to fulfill your style vision will be noted and then I'll spend time shopping for the perfect additions. Recommendations will be sent via easy to shop links giving you the opportunity to buy at your leisure.  


shop your closet

shop your closet
Book your looks
Develop style by strategically adding items that compliment and enhance your personal expression. This approach curbs impulse buying & overconsumption and works great as a seasonal refresh. A more sustainable closet is a carefully curated collection. Change old habits by identifying a defined set of wants and/or needs and then leave the hunting & styling to me to make sure you aren't mindlessly spending more than you have to on things that won't serve your ultimate fashion end goals.

You'll receive 7-10 easy to shop curated Mood Boards offering you between 28 and 40 individual coordinated looks that meet your goals. Simply click and buy what speaks to you from the comfort of your home and on your own timeline. Plus, everything will be saved electronically in your personal online Digital Closet for easy referencing when you need it most.


 customized lookbook

shoppable style boards
Build your box
This is "shopping done for you" whether you are too busy to shop yourself or just don't love the act of doing it. Tailored to meet your specific wardrobe needs, this is a personalized box of hand selected clothing &/or accessories delivered right to your doorstep to meet your slow fashion goals, lifestyle needs, sizing requirements and budget. Boxes include 4-6 items.
  • Merchandise can be returned for a full refund if postmarked 10 days from order date and returned in the same condition as sold.
  • Return Shipping is the responsibility of the client.

$200 + cost of items

personalized style bundle
curated Clothing box
thrift together

$300 + cost of items

luxury resale shopping

virtual luxury thrifting
Want unique luxury resale or vintage pieces added to your wardrobe but don't have the time or desire to hunt? This service allows us to do it together! Pick a date and I will spend an hour and a half total in stores throughout the day physically sifting through local Luxury Resale Boutiques for finds that match your style goals, sizing requirements and budget. Photos and details will be sent via text along the way. You have the option to Accept or Deny to make sure you really love what's coming your way. 
  • Returns possible for pieces priced at $200 or less. Anything greater is final sale.
style your event
Take the guesswork out of what to wear for a specific event that follows your style story and makes an impression. You'll be given between 5 MoodBoards featuring between 8 and 15 head to toe looks with online shoppable links to pull off the perfect look. Plus, everything will be saved to your very own Digital Closet.


event styling

event dressing
Book travel style

Less is always more when trying to achieve sustainable fashion goals but, in the case of trip packing, your space is truly finite. Identifying the right pieces and then getting them to work for you while away is key.

This package includes LookBooks for up to 7 days/6 nights specifically tailerd to meet the needs of your itinerary. We start with a 1 hour closet assessment to pull and photograph anything you already have in your closet that could serve your travels. Then, I'll shop for the perfect additions to complete your travel looks and style everything mixing old and new. Finally, you’ll receive easy to purchase online links. All looks will be available by Calendar Day via your Digital Closet so you may reference your looks online at your convenience while away. 

Located in DFW? Add the "Pack for You" Service for $150. Includes up to 2 hours.


travel styling

Travel styling
book hour Now
  • Looking for stylist advice while you are out shopping for yourself?
  • Hoping for a Try On session together?
  • Just need a second set of eyes on something you have planned to wear?
  • Need help editing/adding some items from your closet for the season?
  • Want a few trending pieces to keep your fashion current?
  • Want a statement Vintage piece to add some interest to the day to day?
  • Have a life change and need some recommendations?
  • Need a suggestion for one special item to complete an outfit?
  • Want me to catalogue some pieces from your wardrobe to upload to your digital closet? 
  • Needing to gift a functional and fun gift?

For Established Clients, we skip the strategic planning virtual/questionnaire & get right to it! This option aides your immediate style needs & provides a quick turnaround.


just an hour

just an hour

Any additional balances are invoiced & paid within 5 days of service being provided and you go into the world feeling confident & compassionate!

04. Deliver

Working together, we review your answers for up to 30 minutes via a Phone/Virtual Meeting to solidify a clear pathway to maximize time during your actual Service. Date & Time of Service is then booked.

03. finalize

Once Service is Purchased, you'll be emailed a Questionnaire to share the specifics of your needs & vision along with suggested dates/times for our Finalization Meeting.

02. Plan

Use our Calendar Scheduler here to Learn More with a complimentary 15 minute call. Or, send an email here to get the process kicked off! 

01. Connect

BrandWhy Style brings Expertise & Passion to our Sustainable Fashion Services.

Here is a step by step walk through of what to expect when you book with BrandyWhy Style.

The Process

Things to note:
  • Prices quoted are introductory to mark the grand opening of BrandWhy Style and are subject to change.
  • In Person Services beyond 60 miles Roundtrip from our PO Box location in 76109 incur a $2 transportation fee for each additional mile traveled.
  • Payment of Service Package in full is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable.
  • A $100 No Show fee will be charged for cancellations less than 4 hours before booked Service time or for failure to be present for In Person apts.
  • If service extends beyond package allowance, additional time will be billed at $100 per half hour.

Yes! Think of the the slow fashion low impact aspect of my styling as an added bonus. My focus is still on styling you and bringing out a cohesive personal story that comes through your daily fashion. I'd be honored to work with you whether fashion industry impact is a priority or not!

Sustainability isn't a driving factor for me.CAN i still work with you?


While I understand you are pressed for time, these 2 steps are required before any personalized session for all new clients with BrandWhy Style. My process is dependent on connecting with you on a personal level so that we have a clear pathway mapped before we hold our session. Think of it as an opportunity for some personal reflection and well deserved pampering!

Remember, you are always welcome to shop one of my Pre-curated Clothing Boxes or Seasonal Style LookBooks which still save time + help you shop sustainably until you are able to carve out the opportunity to work one-on-one.

i'm very busy, do i have to spend time filling out the questionnaire and holding a phone/virtual before our first session?


Absolutely! I did hundreds of closet clean outs and wardrobe edits during the pandemic while working for TheRealReal for folks all across the country this way. We can connect just as effectively and efficiently via this format. Remember, every session begins with a style Questionnaire then Call or Virtual. These opportunities also help us make the most of our actual session once we get there.

i don't live in dfw, can we really be as productive Together working virtually?


Savings in time, money, and anguish are just a few! I utilize my years of fashion industry knowledge to make it easy for you to focus on building a functional wardrobe that meets your style goals. I do the leg work associated with understanding the impact of specific brands and understanding value in both the retail and resale markets which frees you up to focus on the fun part of fashion.....personal expression! 

what are the benefits of hiring a personal stylist? 


At this time, BrandWhy Style is booking service appointments for those who feel great wearing women's clothing and are 18 years and older.

what demographic is your primary focus?




Purchase with intent to curb waste & Recirculate when done.

“Each year millions of tonnes of clothes are produced, worn, and thrown away. Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill.” (Ellen McArthur Foundation)


Consider more sustainable materials when purchasing.

“Plastic particles washed off from products such as synthetic clothes contribute up to 35% of the primary plastic that is polluting our oceans. Every time we do our laundry an average of 9 million microfibers are released into wastewater treatment plants that cannot filter them.” (Ocean Clean Wash, 2023)


Support fashion brands that share transparency about their practices.

"Most major industries are highly regulated. But the fashion industry, one of the largest manufacturing industries on the planet, is almost entirely unregulated." (EARTHDAY.ORG, 2023) 


Shift your fashion narrative. Work with a Sustainable Personal Stylist to focus aspirations towards positive styling behavior & consumption.

"New season, new styles, buy more, buy cheap, move on, throw away: the pollution, waste, and emissions of fast fashion are fueling the triple planetary crisis." (UN Environment Programme) 

Fashion Industry Facts

book a call

Whether you are ready for a complete fashion overhaul or simply small style adjustments, your inner fashion afficionado deserves to be cultivated, nurtured & shared. So...let's do so together!

I can't wait to be your Outfit Oracle

personal styling & Shopping for mindful fashionistas in DFW & Elsewhere