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This one act opened a passageway to behavioral change, leading to more and more opportunities to make dedicated sustainable choices. Eventually, she found her way to a career in the Concierge Team with one of the biggest Fashion Industry disruptors - TheRealReal. There, she worked with countless individuals from Hawaii to Maine in their effort to attain more eco/ethical luxury style.

Brandy has never met a purse she didn't adore. But, one day in 2016, she decided to dabble in recirculating by letting go of a Gucci bag she had not reached for in quite some time. 

boy mom. yorkie lover. Foodie. adventure seeker. HandbaG Lady.
Luxury Sustainable Expert.

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You'll find Brandy brings technical knowledge of the slow fashion industry both in Retail & Resale, as well as, expertise in editing, developing and recirculating wardrobes into her personal styling process. She welcomes those ready to embrace people & planet positive change and can't wait to discuss your personal style goals one on one!

Sustainability drives me. 

Sharing how to incorporate more sustainable brands and materials into your personal style is something that gives me great joy no matter whether this is your first foray into making more conscious style choices or you are a seasoned eco/ethical luxe shopper looking for some fresh ideas to jazz up your well established sustainable wardrobe. I deeply stand behind these values and am here to coach you with enthusiasm. My excitement comes from a genuine place in my heart and you’ll feel that energy when we work together. 


Through collaboration comes evolution.  

This is a high touch luxury experience where we work together to formulate a winning personalized solution. I’m here to guide you in making your style vision a reality, while reminding you how you can keep from making a significant impact on others and the world we live in. Sustainable style is a mindset, a lifestyle and an adventure. I'm here as your partner and teammate throughout the journey.

Relationship Forward

Work smarter not harder. 

I’m here to advance your personal expression via a carefully targeted approach that considers the social, ethical and environmental impact of choices along the way. I achieve this by leveraging my experience, current data and digital technology to save you time and money. I have a Bachelors from Vassar & Masters from the London School of Economics and am mindful that our time together is an investment. I’m also skilled at quickly analyzing and processing your needs to work within your budget to produce a return with tangible results. 


Experience Matters. 

I've spent years specifically working in the sustainable fashion industry. Since 2020, I focused on making fashion cyclical by working for one of the largest boundary pushers in the whole industry - TheRealReal. I've edited mountains of closets and worked side by side with folks looking to build thoughtful wardrobes from coast to coast. And, since I worked through the pandemic, I’ve mastered the art of doing so both in person and virtually. My knowledge about eco/ethical luxe designers in both retail and resale is extensive and I've spent countless hours educating others about transformation to successfully make change. 


BrandWhy Style was created to boost others in their style journey to include conscious pieces, understand options for recirculating when ready for a changeout, & learn how to shop with intent to minimize time, money & impact.  

The BrandWhy Style Approach

- Christian DIOR

"Elegance must be the right combination of distinction, naturalness, care and simplicity. Outside this, believe me, there is no elegance. Only pretension."

I'm a problem solver by nature. The nickname "BrandWhy" was actually something given to me by a dear friend while I was completing my graduate degree across the pond in London many years ago. She "rebranded me" to emphasize my curiosity and highlight my desire to be an active changemaker.

Yes, there are general guidelines to dressing oneself like the rule of 3s, seasonal colors, the runway, etc. But, how do you develop style? And, beyond that, how do you do so in a way that doesn't add to the maladies produced by the Fashion Industry as a whole?

The truth is that style is a long and winding journey that takes time and effort to nurture. It requires deep and careful introspection along with filtering and synthesizing data from the outside world. Plus, truly understanding the varying degrees of sustainable fashion is complicated.

In the end, your personal style is a social experience shared with others so it makes sense to work alongside someone. Working one on one with a personal stylist shortens the trial and error cycle and expedites your arrival at a cohesive final destination. The right professional can steer you down the most opportune fork in the road without losing site of how to celebrate you and your needs. You can efficiently learn how to share your personal narrative and uncover the essence that defines the character of your personal style with a knowledgable pal along. Plus, it can be a bunch of fun with someone else along for the ride!


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